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Hello all. Well there has been some renovations to the group, and to the page, obviously! I still am doing this paranormal investigating,but 2 of our members are out. So it leaves us with about 3 people, and one that you can contact via phone or email about paranormal anomalies that may be bothering you. I can talk you through things to do,even if you live nowhere near me. Just give me a call.

Welcome to our page!

We are ghost hunters/investigators  from the town of Lemmon South Dakota.  I am Joanie Moore, 37 years old and the leader of our little group. We've been investigating paranormal anomalies since 1997 or thereabouts. Just not always as a group. :D 

There are a few electric voice phenomenon shown below, yes they are hard to understand. Sorry! These are some of the best ones I could find to upload for you.  An Electric Voice Phenomenon (Or EVP as we call them) is a voice picked up on a digital voice recorder, (A small hand held digital music player that can record.) We cannot usually hear any of the voices, but we ask questions so that the spirit has a chance to "Have their voice heard" Here are some examples. 1 - strange thing 8-27-295.wav New one.. nobody was whistling..yeah..freaky.. asked if he knew the doc? revenge.wav What do you hear? regret.wav Again, interesting! you maybe.wav Listen under our talking at the end..did someone sneeze? at 1min15 secs after i ask tospeak now or foreverhold peace.wav You may need earphones to hear the quiet talking after I ask for it.


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