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I (Joanie) have seen and heard spirit since I was a small child. It has become a way of life, helping the spirits, and the people they are scaring. I learned a long time ago that not understanding something is the easiest way to be afraid. Sometimes a spirit wants attention, whether it is because it's unhappy where it is, it doesn't like what you are doing to the house, or it could be family that has passed that wishes to let you know they are watching over you! They let you know by banging on the wall, moving things, etc. Sometimes the easiest way to let them know you are being scared is to tell them. They were human once too! And sometimes,.. they think they are alive yet. Sad. Anyway.. feel free to contact me if you are having a problem with the spirits and need some advice! My number is in the logo. 701 440 0577 - Take care and know, we're here for you.

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